Testimony (face)

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After using ISANI Bar for 3 months, my acne reduced tremendously without scars. I noticed that inflammation and sensitive skin reduced with better skin complexion. Thank  you ISANI and now I have more confidence when talking to people!

A friend recommended ISANI Skin Bar to me. I used it twice daily on my face. After 2 weeks, I noticed my skin firmed and lifted. Beside that my pigmentation lightened at least 80% and my eye bags reduce a lot visibly. My face becomes fairer and I like it because I only use one product now, no need to remember which to use first like before (skin care products).

I have received ISANI testimony sharing from my friend and it very convincing without doubts purchase a box and I consistent using it for a month, ISANI works amazing result on my skin, it control my oily skin well with hydration and acne scars lightened with nicer skin complexion. Thanks God that I found the best product ISANI. I give ISANI Skin Treatment Bar rating 5 stars!

My face used to be oily and dull-looking with regular breakouts of acne. But after using ISANI for just 1 month, I now have a glowing, healthy complexion – no more acne, no more oily skin. ISANI has repaired and restored my skin to its original condition.

My wife and I have had combination skin since we were teenagers.  It was difficult to find a suitable skincare product which was within our budget and did not lead to acne build-up. We have used ISANI for 6 years now. It not only helps us save money but we also look younger than we did as teenagers. Thank you ISANI. We both love you.

I went to a new beauty saloon to have my facial. But instead of a fresh and clean look my face became red and the skin peeled. I treated it with skin care products but they did not works. I then tried using my face with ISANI and, voila, the very next day the redness was reduced. My face was back to normal in a week. ISANI never disappoints me.

I have had problems with acne and sensitive skin for the past 3 years and needed make-up to cover it. After using ISANI for 2 weeks, my acne and sensitive skin are now almost history. My skin is now healthier and smoother. Thank you ISANI.

My complexion was dull and oily, my skin tone uneven. But a week after using ISANI my complexion is now soft and smooth. My friends commented that I am prettier now. Thanks to ISANI skin health.

My facial complexion was dull. But after using ISANI for a week it is now not only smooth and shiny, but also looks lifted and feels tighten. The facial pores and eye bags have reduced and I am now  confident enough to go out without applying make-up. Thanks to ISANI.

My face was oily, with blackheads and acne. I used heavy make-up to hide these facial imperfection. A week after using ISANI to wash my face, the skin is now smoother, fairer, looks healthy and I no longer need to use heavy make-up. ISANI saves me time and money

I came to know about ISANI during my work as confinement  lady. Out of curiosity I bought a box and started using it. The effect of ISANI on my face is almost immediately so noticeable: my face is no longer oily, my freckles have lightened up and my skin tone becomes even and brighter. My husband notices the change and says I look much younger.

My daughter was born with sensitive skin: her face was always red and itched. After I washed her with ISANI Skin Health Bar for a week I was encouraged to notice the redness and itchiness much-reduced. I am glad I was introduced to ISANI. It is a natural product which is also friendly for baby’s skin.

My facial skin is oily, has black heads and big pores. After using ISANI for a week the black head and oiliness are now reduced. My skin now feels fresh and my skin tone is even. Thank you ISANI. It’s really natural beauty.

For a long time I experienced a host of skin problems: freckles, white spots, uneven skin tone. I tried skincare products but the chemicals in them worsened my problems. Then I was introduced to ISANI. I used ISANI 3 times daily the first week. I was encouraged when after 2 weeks, I noticed almost 80% of my freckles started to fade, my skin tone looked even and my skin was firmer. ISANI reinstated my self-confidence even though I now do not apply any make-up. I love my skin and will keep on using ISANI.

Within 3 months, I’m able to see dramatic changes on my pimples mark, well improved. No more oily skin. Mainly, the chicken pox scar  below my eyes have faded off. As a University student, I’ll be always rushing for my class in the morning, but now by using ISANI I don’t have to worry about time & money on beauty products. ISANI truly makes my life much easier & better.

Right after giving birth, I started to get a lot of pimples and my skin was so dull looking. I refused to use any products on my skin, because I did not want to expose my baby to any harmful chemicals, as I was nursing. My mom, who is a dermatologist told me about ISANI Skin Health bar. She said it was a great product that her patients love, and IT IS ALL NATURAL ingredients. Once I started using ISANI, my skin became brighter, smoother, and my pimples and scars vanished! I love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants healthier and younger looking skin.

I had blackheads, pigmentation and regular breakouts of rashes. My face was full of scars and I applied makeup to cover the scars. After using ISANI for seven weeks I noticed that it not only cleared up the blackheads and reduced my pigmentation, but it does not make my skin feel dry or peel off. Miraculously my skin feels refreshed and soft. It’s truly amazing. I still cannot believe that a single product can heal in so many ways.

My facial skin was a combination of oily and dry. Because of this combination acne developed on my cheeks which eventually left scars. One month after using ISANI my skin improved dramatically. Acnes are now a thing of the past and my scars become lighter day by day. My face also feels and looks fresh and healthy

My problem was freckles and uneven skin tone on my face. In a desperate effort to get rid of them I even went for laser treatment, among other facial treatments. None worked.
After using ISANI, my skin tone is more even and my freckles are less. I am also using less makeup as I do not have much freckles to hide. My skin now has a natural glow

My baby has sensitive skin on her forehead. I tried many products but it did not work. As a mother, I felt so helpless to see her suffering everyday. Using ISANI has improved my baby’s sensitive skin and it even looks shiny! Happy baby, happy mummy, thanks to ISANI!

Whenever I was stressed I got a breakout of pimples and acne. Being easily stressed, pimples and acne were my constant problem. When I met people I felt as if they were staring at my acne instead of listening to what I was saying. After using ISANI for a month my acne gradually disappeared. My skin is now clearer and glowing. I now talk to my clients with confidence. Thanks to ISANI. I will not hesitate to recommend it to my friends and  colleagues.

I have been having acne problem for nearly 2 years and I have tried a lot of products which did not work. I also tried medication from dermatologist and anti acne cleansing product but it did not show any improvement. My sister introduced ISANI to me and within just 2 months, the acne on my face reduced dramatically and the scars have lighten up. I am very thankful to ISANI and now I can finally get rid of the expensive cosmetic and skincare products.

I received an ISANI sample from the Facebook giveaway. After using it, I felt my skin is softer and tighter after only my first trial. After 3 days, my facial pores have reduced and my face is smoother and glowing. ISANI is truly a Skin Health Bar. I will keep using it and will recommend it to my friends and family.

My baby started to develop acne when he was 2 weeks old. I try ISANI on him and what amaze me is the rapid recovery and it doesn’t cause any irritate on his skin at all. I am glad I found a natural product and now I bath my baby head to toe daily with ISANI.

I am a performer, I always put on heavy make up to cover my wrinkles when I have performance. I have more confidence even without putting on make up now.

I had serious acne on my forehead. After using ISANI for just 5 days I noticed the acne gradually subside and start to clear. I am happy to have finally found a product that works for me. I will continue to use ISANI as I want my skin to be healthy. I am confident other people will benefit from it too

I had my skin problem started when I worked as a kitchen helper. I spent a lot for my face in the beauty saloon but it just remain same and got worst day by day! My problem solved when I come to know ISANI. My skin restore and I got back my smooth and nice skin. ISANI is amazing!

I have acnes when I first enroll into University. The acnes getting really serious and I lost my self confidence standing in front of peoples. My acnes started to dry up and I saw huge improvement after using 2 months. It is amazing after 4 months, my face has totally clear from acnes!

When I first know this product, I can’t believe it has so many functions. But now I love it so much. My facial pores and eye bags reduces and my face much firmer. I look younger than my biological age. Thanks to my nephew who introduce me ISANI. It help me save time and money. I do not need any other treatment anymore.

I used to have girlfriend who dare not kiss on my cheek due to the terrible acnes. My acnes all cleared after 4 months using ISANI. I look handsome and have lot of girls admired me now. Thanks to ISANI!

My friend always make joke out of me, saying I look like a drug addict. After using ISANI facial bar, now they say I look like Korean movie star!

After 10 days my skin scars improved, ISANI is rejuvenate my skin, now I truly believe ISANI is a skin health bar…

What so special about ISANI is it doesn’t caused my skin dry unlikely other soap. I felt my skin moisture and smooth after using it.

Before using my skin condition is bad and allergy, after 2 days even the redness still remains, but I notice my skin tone has improved. My face is soft and smooth, and I feeling good and natural…