Skin Detox

“Skin Detoxification”, is a natural somatic process when detoxifying your skin. The ISANI Skin Health Bar thrives to achieve optimal skin homeostatic balance. The repairing and restoring process starts with removing toxins and toxic build up trapped under your skin. This may cause you to experience dryness, itchiness, peeling, and even breakouts, as the ISANI Skin Health Bar flushes out those toxins out.

In today’s skin care market, products are targeted to just prevent toxic build up from superficially showing on the surface of the skin. The ISANI Skin Health Bar penetrates deep into the skin to repair years of damage giving lasting vibrant looking skin.

Our skin is the first barrier that external contaminants face. Dehydrated skin lacks moisture, leaving your skin fragile and weak against all it encounters. As a consequence, your skin appears loose, flakey, and lacks luster.

Our blend of nutrient-rich algae in the Vma2 acts as a protective layer which heals and blocks dehydrating pollutants from harming your skins appearance.

Skin detoxification is indicative that our products are working and truly healing your skin. Personal experience during this detoxification varies depending on the condition of the individual’s skin and the speed of the skins recovery. The ISANI Skin Health Bar and related products are suitable for all skin types and the duration of healing does vary. Continual usage is essential to achieve the skin’s delicate balance.

The unique blend of herbs and nutrient packed compounds leaves your skin with a lasting refreshed appearance. You won’t believe the amazing transformation once the healing process is complete. You will have rich, healthy, and youthful looking skin!

Helpful Tips

  • You can apply some moisturizer after each wash can help minimize the dryness brought on by the “skin detoxification period”.
  • Apply too much moisturizer, on the other hand, will slow down the “skin detoxification period”; use only what you really need based on the dryness you are experiencing.
  • If symptoms persist, it could be due to the products (Cosmetics, etc) that you have been using. Stop using all such products and monitor the symptoms.