The Founder

The founder of ISANI is very concerned about the destructive lifestyle of modern people and also the environment. For example, their fast, busy pace drives them towards non nutritious fast food; and global warming destroying the ozone layer leads to skin diseases, etc. With that, he decided to invent a skin health product that is economical, effective and a natural solution to enhance beauty and health in the being.

My aspiration is to care and help everyone to have healthier skin day by day.

– James & Esther, Founders of ISANI

ISANI’s skin health bar can replace all the skin care and cosmetic you normally use. It will exceed your expectations. It can save you time and money as well as conserve the earth’s resources. Let’s get back to nature.

When people comment that our product is expensive, the following is the ISANI founder ‘s answer:

I am unable to offer you the lowest price, but I can provide you with a high-quality product. I would rather explain the pricing and the value of the product for a period of time than have to apologise for the inferior quality for life! If I were to only focus on making high profits, it could easily be achieved by lowering the cost of production. The only reason that we feel proud is the secret formula that is able to bring simplicity to everyone.

As promised, we will not sacrifice our future for short-term profitability. We will be persistent in doing what we believe and gain more and more acknowledgement from our customers. That is the force that keeps us moving constantly forward.