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  • Is ISANI Skin Health Bar suitable for all skin types?

    Yes. ISANI Skin Health Bar is specially formulated to achieve pH balance with natural active ingredients that work on oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and suitable for people who suffer from Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosace; on both fair and dark skin. This is achieved through Vma² and Moor working together to detoxify, repair damaged skin and pH balance; to bring back the natural radiance and glow of healthy skin.

  • Are there any harmful ingredients in the product?

    No. ISANI Skin Health Bar is developed to be effective, safe and gentle to our skin and sympathetic to the environment. Vma² factor is powerful proprietary ingredients derived from natural products to help nourish and protect our body against the stresses of modern lifestyle.

  • Is ISANI a soap?

    No. ISANI has controlled its pH to around 5.65 which maintains the natural acidity of skin as opposed to normal soap and cleansers with around pH 9-11 that make the skin alkaline and creating environment for gems and bacteria to grow.

    ISANI is soap free, it’s made from unique surfactants and it doesn’t associate with any soap contents like SLS/ALS/SLES.

  • Can I use ISANI on my face for more than 3 minutes?

    We do not encourage to use ISANI on the face for more than 3 minutes. ISANI is formulated to be convenient and works within 1-3 minutes. Leaving it any longer may result in only a small incremental therapeutic effect. However, as the skin is a live respiratory organ, any therapeutic effect will eventually be counteracted by the skin’s need to breathe.

    However for the body, you can leave it on for up to 30 minutes as if in a spa treatment.

  • Do I apply the bar onto wet or dry skin?

    ISANI works on both wet and dry skin. Some people prefers to lather the bar in their hands and apply it directly onto dry skin. Some likes to use it during shower, when the skin is moist and damp. For convenience just use directly onto dry skin.

  • Can I apply ISANI onto other parts of my body?

    Yes, It works on skin anywhere on the body (scalp, gum, body, armpit, etc). It is also effective on skin problems such as cellulite, stretch marks, lighten up scars, age spots, irritation and more.

  • Can ISANI help hair loss problem?

    Yes, after washing hair for a few months using ISANI, hair loss problem is reduced while at the same time ISANI encourages new hair growth. This is because ISANI is a premium skin health bar derived from organic moor mud and infused with Vma2 (microalgae extraction technology). Vma2 contains over 1,000 herbs, organic compounds, trace elements, plant hormones, enzymes, natural antibiotics, vitamins and other biologically active matter combined that effectively helps to address hair loss.

  • Can ISANI helps in gynecological inflammation, vaginal discharge, peculiar smell and smelly armpits?

    Yes, ISANI helps in eliminates those symptoms rapidly and restore your confidence. Due to it’s unique formulation, it works well in detox, anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial.

  • Is ISANI suitable for Vegetarians?

    Yes. ISANI does not contain any source from animals nor are any of the products tested on animals. It do not contain any artificial coloring, chemical fragrances or dyes of any kind.

  • Is it safe to use ISANI during pregnancy?

    Yes. You can use it throughout the whole pregnancy. ISANI Skin Health Bar is natural and safe even on baby skin. Thus, it is also a great alternative for women who are pregnant or nursing.

  • Can I apply sun block after using ISANI?

    Yes. You have an option if you choose not to use sun block during normal daily activities because ISANI is formulated with active ingredients that will protect the skin against UVA rays. However we do encourage you to use sun block if your skin will be exposed to the sun for a long time.

  • How to make acnes or pimples recover faster?

    After using ISANI for 1-3 minutes, you can create a thick lather and apply onto the acnes or pimples area and leave it for healing up to 1 hour, you will experience acnes or pimples drying out after that.

  • Can I sleep with ISANI on?

    No. ISANI is formulated to be effective within 1-3 minutes and bring healing from inside out. You need to wash off immediately after use to allow toxic, irritants and pollutants to come out from your skin.

  • Can I replace toothpaste with ISANI?

    Yes. ISANI is formulated with natural active ingredients Moor and microAlgea (Vma²) which function as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that helps prevent bacteria growth and strengthen gums. It is also an oral solution.

  • Can I use ISANI to bathe my pets?

    Yes. It is very safe and effective to use on your pets (cats or dogs and etc). It helps pets that have allergies, sensitive skin and body odor. Pets bathed with ISANI will have nice and healthy fluffy fur!

  • What is ″Healing Process″?

    Healing Process is a natural somatic process when detoxifying your skin. ISANI thrives to achieve optimal skin homeostatic balance. The repairing and restoring process starts with removing toxins and toxic build up trapped under your skin. This may cause you to experience dryness, itchiness, peeling, and even breakouts, as ISANI flushes out those toxins from inside out and it is a definitive sign that ISANI is working.

  • How long does the Healing Process last?

    It varies from person to person depending on the amount of toxins and unwanted contaminants beneath the surface of your skin. It may range from a few days to a few weeks. It would eventually result in a more radiant, healthier skin and youthful look!

  • What should I do during the Healing Process?

    Just use ISANI for 1 minute will be good enough during the healing process and you can apply moisturizer or serum (preferably formulated with natural ingredients) if your skin is experiencing dryness. As for other symptoms, it could be due to other products (eg cosmetics, etc) that you have been using. Stop using those products and monitor the symptoms.