My son easily gets diaper rash due to the hot weather. Whenever he has diaper rash, I will apply ISANI on him. The recovery is very fast and most importantly, I know that ISANI is natural and harmless to him as a baby! I love ISANI which is safe for my whole family.

I developed skin rashes which turned very itchy from swimming in a pool. Out of curiosity, I applied ISANI on the affected skin. To my surprise the rashes and itch subsided within a day. My skin has fully recovered without using any medication. ISANI is truly a Skin Health Bar!

My baby suffered severe nappy rash. I decided to use ISANI to clean his bottoms and after two days the skin started to heal. The skin’s speedy recovery amazes me; I am now definitely a loyal user of ISANI. It’s simple to use and is effective.

I delivered my baby through caesarian and it caused me to have deep ugly scars. I was introduced to ISANI through Facebook during confinement and I bought a box to try out of curiosity. In just 2 weeks the scars lightened up so much which was really out of my expectation. Amazing! I am satisfied with the result after using ISANI.

I loss a lot of hair after delivered, I have tried many others hair loss products and nearly signing up for expensive hair loss program in the market. Until I used ISANI, my hair grow back to normal.

I’ve had eczema all over my legs for years. Doctors and dermatologists I visited were unable to cure me. I had given up hope of being cured as I cannot afford to seek further treatment because of my low income. Then I met James. He offered me to be a beneficiary of ISANI’s PIF program. Since then I use ISANI regularly and see a huge improvement in just 2 months. I am grateful for ISANI

I was frequently having cold sore. I noticed when I apply it with ISANI, it helps to get rid of it faster then I could imagine.

My skin developed a lot of rashes during my confinement. It was very itchy and I scratched until it bled. At first I wanted to visit a dermatologist and then I thought of ISANI as I prefer to use natural product. I am now using it constantly during my daily shower and the problem went off in a month and the scars gradually lightened up after that. Thank you ISANI.

I have been facing this problem for the past 10 years, from neck to back to hand. I used to apply steroid cream prescribed from doctor but it does not help. I have try a lots of other product but none of it works until my friend introduce me ISANI. Just within 3 months, the problem on my neck see significant improvement. I am so grateful that I met ISANI. Say “bye” to steroid cream!

I had a terrible scar on my chest caused by insect bite. After using ISANI, the scar completely disappear. I do not need to cover it with scarf anymore…

I’ve been to the doctor twice for my skin problem  (eczema) and the doctor prescribed medicated cream. After applying for a while, I found that it’s not healing. Then I was introduced to ISANI which is just simply amazing and easy to use. I only applied for 3 minutes twice a day, it healed within 2 weeks, and I am still using it now daily.

My kid always have pus on her elbow. The pus will then goes off and come back. I always need to bring her to visit doctor.

I met ISANI from an exhibition and bought 1 box to try. Amazingly, the pus goes off within 7 days and it does not come back anymore. Thanks to ISANI…

I used to have Eczema on my hand for the past 10 years.

Visiting doctor regularly but didn’t have any improvement. I have seeks for a lot of ways but none of it works until I met with ISANI.

In 2 months, my hand not only see significant improvement but the old scare are lighten up too. I am now using ISANI for my whole body…

I was facing this problem cause by my working environment. I can’t afford to pay a visit to dermatologist as I am a low income earner. So thankful that I was introduces to ISANI in a road show and just within 1 week, I see my skin improve so much! It really worth me to use it!

I had this skin problem for years. Surprisingly after 1 usage, the redness on my skin reduces and I felt less itchy. I will continue to use ISANI…

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